My week of 12/3/17- 12/8/17

So this week I did the things below.

Monday: 9:30 SET THE WEEK

10 Spawn

10:30  Reading of The Maze Runner

1  Road trip interest  meeting

2 Create a spawn shifting board

3 Clean up and spawn


Tuesday: 9:30 Spawn

11:30 Lunch at Hawthornes pizza

1 Truth or dare

3 clean up & spawn


Wednesday: 9:30 Spawn and change up

10 Book club reading of The Maze Runner

12 Whole school group game

1 Wood working safety course

2 leave early


Thursday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Leave for urban hike

3 Clean up & spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Reading of The Maze Runner

12 Make star decor

1 Clean up & reflection


How did i use the new space this week that I really enjoyed?: I really enjoyed having book club in the quiet room. Something about snuggling up in that comfy couch gave me much joy.

What are some things that could have been better this week?: There was lots of excitement to be in the new space. So most everyone was inside (specifically on Monday) so made for a very noisy space and overwhelmed people.


Overall how do I feel about my week?: Pretty good,I enjoyed having a warm building on the cold days. I wish i could have done some hands on equations this week. but ill get to it another time.

My week of 11/27/ 17- 12/1/17

So this was our first semi-full week with being in the school building. So thats exciting!! We didn’t have school on Monday. So here goes my first blog post in a while.


Tuesday              Wednesday                   Thursday                  Friday

9:30  STW             9:30 SPAWN               9:30 SPAWN           9:30 SPAWN

10 SPAWN           10 Bath bombs                                        10 CC Renaming meeting

11 Read                       11 Read                11 Make books w/ Brodie

12 Drumming      12 Drumming               12 Drumming           12:50 Group pic

1 clean up and reflection

2 T or D                 2 Change up                  2 Early clean up

2:30 Drum Performance

3 CU and S             3 CU and S                  3 CU and S



What I am  most proud of this week: Learning two different African drumming rhythms in 3 days. And then sounding good while performing it. I’m proud of all the effort and focus all of us put into it.


Most relaxing thing I did this week: Read


What I wish I could have done this week: Learned a new song on the piano, some kind of science experiment, math and more


Over all how was my week: Pretty great, I really enjoyed drumming. I felt like I could have been more productive, but theres always next week.

My four day “school week”

Hello, This week we were off Monday for Memorial Day. So, instead of school on Monday I went to the mall and grocery shopping. Not too eventful, then on Tuesday I did Spanish with Karen. Karen is a friend of Nancy’s that used to come to our Spanish restaurant. I believe she has tout Spanish at some point. We pay her thru finance committee to teach some Spanish at Mosaic. So she comes every Tuesday. I also did some testing on Tuesday, now testing doesn’t sound like our kind of education but we are required by the state to test in 3rd, 6th and 9th grade. Then on Wednesday I finished the rest of my test and watched Shrek. Thursday a group of kids and adults went hiking in 88 degrees at Kings mountain and to top that we did cross fit after the hike. So i was worn out by the time i got home. Then today I went to the library and some other places. I  also went to take care of my friend Kate’s cat because shes out of town.  When i checked on it on Tuesday I found that it had locked it self in a room and was pooping in there. The cat also clawed up the carpet to try to get out.  Oh and Will’s around the sun (birthday celebration) was today so I did that. Then last but not least i went to the park and played with Elle. I wouldn’t think I would have so much fun hanging out with someone 1/3 my age, but I had a lot of fun. Ok well that is about it for my week. thanks for reading my boring blog.

The Weird Challenge in WOA

Hey, sorry I did not blog last week. Wings kids left for a trip to St. Augustine Florida early last Friday. Oh it was great, thanks for asking. We visited The Spanish Fort, A Spanish hospital museum, Kona skate park and the beach. The day of exploring we did was PERFECT weather. It was hot but with a nice breeze. Normally  I hate when its hot but that Florida breeze was AMAZING. So overall it was a amazing trip. My favorite part was when we went to the beach. The relaxation, happiness and excitement when we were walking to get to the beach part. The wind blowing super hard made it reel almost like it was blowing away all of the baggage I had inside me with it. Then when my feet hit the soft sand and then I took off running for the water. I did not care that i did not have a bathing suit, the only thought in my mind was finally getting to feel the water on my feet. The sound of the ocean, feel of the wave and people i was with made that a perfect moment. So enough of my trip lets get to the juicy stuff that helped me create my tile for the blog. So the way of adventure challenge this week was to reach out to someone we don’t know and ask them to coffee. Now the way I said it makes it worse then it really is. So the person should preferably be someone with a job we want to have in our future. We are supposed to find someone, email them and then wait for the answer. The coffee meeting is for us to be able to ask the person questions that we are interested in knowing more about. So I picked this therapist named Adele who works with some of the kids at school. But I’ve never met her. So i sent the email and am waiting for a response. its going to be very awkward. Wish me luck!

The way of adventure awkward selfie time

Hey people, I’m guessing that you are a little interested in why I titled my blog what I did. So in a course we are taking online,by we meaning wings folk. There are challenges in the way of adventure course and this weeks was to have a librarian help us find a book and then take a selfie with them. So @alonalearning and @michaelgadhia oh and of course me took a group selfie with the librarian. It was very awkward though. We explained why and then she came around to where we were and she was awkwardly standing there. While Michael was trying to figure out how to take a selfie. Then when Alona finally just grabbed the phone from him the librarian stood behind Alona and there it was we had our picture. It was quite a awkward experience but we found some books out of it. I got a book on Spanish. But I am very excited to see what other ridiculous things we need to do in this course. I’m felling good so BRING IT ON.

This week

Hey, This week I did not set up a sprint so FAIL. But I did do a cool thing on Wednesday called Space Jam. It consisted of music, art, rain and connection building. I got to meet some cool new people that Dean plays music with. But we cut it short because of the rain. I mean lots of people stayed the whole time but I cut it short and had a chill afternoon at school. Ayan and I facilitated change up meeting yesterday witch was fun but next time I might facilitate on my own. because I barely even got to go thru anything on the board. we also finished our book in book club Bud Not Buddy. then on Tuesday we went and saw the children’s theater play of it. The book and the play were rather Awesome!!!!!! I made a plaster hand today and painted part of it. The plaster pulled off a few hairs though. but it was fun.  But those things are pretty much all I can think of. We are going to the raptor center tomorrow. RANDOM.

My week and my new Sprit

Hey guys, this week I have decided to take a break from Spanish and work on math and drawing. So far i have practiced math but not done very much drawing. The reason i am taking a break from Spanish is because I feel like i have so many ideas for sprints every day and feel it will be quite a while  until i am done with Spanish and i might not even still be interested in those things anymore. So I am taking a break to get to some other Sprints. Besides my spiriting this week I went to both of  the change up meetings for lids who are interested in facilitating change up. On Wednesday some kids from school went to the play The Lion King at a nearby public school. So I went to that, I also attended cooking class. We made guacamole and salsa. Jackson leaded the making of the guac and Melissa made the salsa.There is nothing that really sticks out when i look back on my week. But I also have done intermediate math but that is all that really comes to mid. Well that and I had a nice time at the park on Tuesday  playing on the playground and playing blokus. Thanks for reading!!!!


Hello peeps, this week i wanted to do Spanish on Duolingo but did not really have time with my new 45 minute commute from Moresville. I have recently moved in a new house located in Mooresville NC. So every day after school has been a little hectic  with getting our house all put together and family problems. So I did not do Spanish, but I have realized that I want to take a break with Spanish. I think I want to work on drawing. I feel like without the pressure of Spanish being my sprint I might get more of it done. So this week I attended intermediate math on Monday and Wednesday. We are working on long division. I am not understanding it/ getting the hang of it as easily as i thought. This week the school had Alona and Zack’s around the sun birthday celebration. We have started book club back up and are reading Bud not Buddy. I really like it. Jess explained it to me as a book about a 10 year old African american boy. He is a orphan but he sets off to find his birth father. It’s very interesting so far. One day I was really tired and I couldn’t find a good place to take a nap so I grabbed some blankets and set outside to take a nap. it turned out to be me meditating in the cold. This week i have been sour from Bryant’s workout at cross fit. This week we did cooking at Melissa’s house. We made banana muffins. They were very good but the same day Alona had banana cookies made with some of the same ingredients for Alona’s around the sun. So it was a lot of banana.This week we did change up a little different, with a group game before starting and in the middle we got our wiggles out with a silly song. At the end we split into groups and talked about how we could make change up fun. Most people strongly dislike change upo so we are trying to make it more fun. so that was my week!! Funny fact for this week is i was dressed up like a boy for the talent show.

My past two weeks

Hi, I did not blog last week because we did not have school on Friday. So I will be blogging about my past two weeks as you can see by my title. So last week I enjoyed the cold hard terrain 2 mile hike at South Mountain State Park. All though it was a two mile hike it felt like a at least 4 mile hike because of the terrain and my poor choice of hiking clothes.  We also went to Goldilocks and the three bears witch in my opinion was very entertaining even if it was directed to younger kids. I am a younger kid compared to the ones older than me. So yeah and related to my SPRINT I did not practice at all except for Friday when I made it all up by practicing for a hour and twenty minutes or 80 minutes.



This week I have practiced SPANISH on Duolingo on Monday, Wednesday and will hopefully tonight. Today we went on a short but enjoyable hike at Boyce Park. On Tuesday we made delicious cheese cake in cooking class. On Monday and Wednesday we practiced percentages in math and while we worked on percentages we had a picnic. I mean if you can even call it that. A blanket on the floor indoors is not my vision of a picnic but maybe to some. We had a Gratatude circle on Wednesday. We were planned to go on our tubing trip tomorrow but do to the weather the snow will be all slosh and we don’t want to spend $400 for sloshy snow so instead we will reschedule and go ice skating  tomorrow. we are all a little disappointed and wish we had the power to control the weather but that is not the case. Also we did art with Mica this week and we decorated jars witch was fun even though it does not sound like it.

Second non sprint week this year

Hey, this week I enjoyed Spanish restaurant, meditative drawing, the historical hike at Cowpens National Battle Field, cooking class, Armin’s talk about what it was like as a kid for him moving to the US as a immigrant and refugee , intermediate math and capture the flag/ flag football.


I had a nice Writers Workshop this week. It started with like 7 kids and ended with only 3. We had Ari’s around the sun in the middle of Writers workshop and then only 3 kids returned after. So it was nice hanging out and writing with people who actually wanted to write. we wrote about what we wonder and I wrote this: I am a wanderer, I wonder when I am getting dressed,eating ,walking my dog,pooping, trying to go to bed and honestly when people are lecturing me or giving me a long explanation to a question. I sometimes woner when i will die and what it will be like. What it would be like if i had someone elses life and if I would interpret it differently. I wonder about cute guys on the light rail, if they have a wife or kids. how they would react if i just went over to them and kissed them.  I wonder when people say they love me, I wonder how much?  Sometimes i look at black people and wonder how it is for them to be in a color skin that some people find “bad”. I wonder about big topics and can go for hours in my head. There times i wonder of smaller topics I only need a minute to really wonder about. What does my future hold for me? Who can I really trust? Will I actually stick to my goals? what will i be like when I am older? Will my brother ever move back? I wonder all these things and much more. I could write for hours, days maybe even weeks about all i wonder. But I wont. Sometimes I ask myself why do i wonder so much? well I believe it is super fun. Because When i wonder there are no limits. I can wonder about things I would NEVER do like go up to a guy on the light rail and plant one on him. So i find fun in wondering because I can wonder about anything and no one will know. That concludes this post. thanks for reading!!!!!