The week of 3/4/18-3/8/18


Monday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Book club

11 Poker

1 henna rt

2 Mystery science

2:50 Clean up and spawn


Tuesday: 9:30 Spawn

10:30 Truth or brick


2 Sit outside chatting with Elisha


Wednesday: 9:30 Change up

11 Dance off

12 read

1 WitnesShifting ( I wrote about what it is farther down in the blog post)

2 Writers workshop

2:50 Clean up and Spawn


Thursday: 9:30 Spawn

11 African peanut stew making

12 Henna tattoos

12:30 Science fair interest meeting

1  get/give haircuts

2:50 Clean up and spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Book club

11 research science experiments

12 Clean up job shake up meeting

12:45 Grats+ Shats

1 Reflection


Most enjoyable thing this week: African peanut stew making, I really liked the group of people I did it with. we didn’t  need to fight about who got to measure what, we just worked it out. There was also only 4 of us, so we got to be more of a part of making it. As apposed to when there is a big group, and everyone only gets to do one little thing. So I like having a small group.

What did you feel was missing this week? I missed getting out into nature for a hike , this week. I think being in the woods is pretty therapeutic, it really seems to affect my mood that week. So i was a little sad, but I am looking forward to next weeks hike.


About WitnesShifting, and how ts helped me: So Tomis has created this deep sharing activity, called WitnesShifting. We’ve done it about 3 times now. So we start by taking 2 minutes of silence to transfer ourselves into a sort of , calm state. Then there is a chance for everyone to write down on a sticky note, a challenge , a celebration or an opportunity they have in their lives right now. We will take 2 more minutes of silence. Once that is done, whoever feels called to will stand up in the circle and share about their, opportunity, celebration or challenge. They will walk around in the middle of the circle, to keep their thoughts going. They can share for however long they’d like, without interruption. Then they can choose to receive advice, questions for understanding, etc. or to just be heard. So that is a quick summery of it. I have really benefited from this activity! I’ve shared twice about challenges in my life, I’ve gotten AWESOME feedback. For example, I am trying to raise $625 for the Florida road trip this summer. I was overwhelmed by the amount of money i had to save. I got advice on ways to get babysitting jobs, and since I have gotten many requests for babysitting. I was very happy!! So I am really thankful that Tomis has brought this exercise  to our community!!

2/19/18- 2/23/18

This week I stayed home on Monday and Tuesday, due to a cold. But I practiced piano, read, practiced (Spanish on) Duolingo, and practiced algebra, grammar and geometry on Khan academy. For my off-site learning. I also FaceTimed in for the talk with Bea on Monday.


Monday and Tuesday: Off Site learning


Wednesday: Book club

Practice for the lip sync battle

Lip sync battle

Group game (banana tag)

Witness shifting session

Writers workshop

NOTES: I really enjoyed our first Witness Shifting session! I really benefited from having space to talk about my struggles, opportunities and acknowledgments of life. I found myself feeling very peaceful and happy after we were done. I also felt pumped and ready to start making changes in my life, in ways that were suggested to me.


Thursday: Youth trip to Davidson Green School


NOTES: I enjoyed being able to meet/ connect with some older kids at the Davidson Green school. We played some games to get to know each other a little bit. Then some of us kids (including me) created a spring formal/ party planning committee. So I will be helping with putting together some dance for the two schools.


Friday: Mystery science

Book club

Witness shifting


NOTES: I really enjoyed having all the babies around on Friday. Huxley, Holt and Aurora were at school spreading their bay magic everywhere.


My fabulous week of 2/12/18-2/16-18

Monday: Dairy free ice cream making, STW, Mystery science and more that I can not remember off the top of my head

Tuesday: Left to go to Oak Island for the first overnight 12 & up trip

Wednesday: 12 & up trip

Thursday: 12 & up trip

Friday: Gratatude circle, Mystery science, make spawn shifting board for my new spawn point, Graduation meeting, talk about the recent school shooting and reflection


This week we had our first overnight trip with the 12 & up group at school ( Will, Zack, Alona, Elisha, Caleb, Jess, Laura, Ralphie Will’s dog, Kate, Jordyn, Ireland and andrew went) ,Zack planned it. There was a serpentarium in Wilmington NC that Zack wanted to share with the rest of us. It was really amazing, there were lots of cool snakes to see and learn about. We also went some other places such as, an aquarium, Fort Fisher, took a ferry ride and ate lunch at a state park. We did some walking on the beach, that was probably my favorite part. I discovered my love for taking walks on the beach at night. The experiences of the places we went was awesome but what was truly the best part was the people. I really got to know everyone better and became extremely comfortable in their presence. I enjoyed bonding with everyone. Even the trip to the grocery store was fun, I love living my life with these people! another thing I really enjoyed was staying up until 12am Wednesday night, making fun of the figure skaters in the olympics. Everyone was delirious and laughing at everything. I have so much more to reflect on, but just can’t seem to get it out into writing. So I’ll leave it at I am incredibly grateful for the experience!!!!



My amazing, fantastic, extravagant week ( 2/5/18- 2/9/18

I was so happy to be at school all week this week!!!!!

Monday: 9:30 STW

10 Spawn

book club

11 Code names

12 Fruit leather making

1 Other book club

2 Mystery science

3 Clean up and Spawn



Tuesday: 9:30  Spawn

10:30 Busking practice

11:30 Henna tatoos

12:45 Piano

1 Sweeping workshop

2 graduation meeting

3 Clean up & spawn


Wednesday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Change up

11:30 Dr.’s office game

1 Diversity group meeting

2 Writers workshop

2:30 read

3 Clean up & spawn



Thursday:9:30 Spawn shake up meeting

9:50 Spawn

10:30 Book club

11 Hands on equations

12 Mystery Science

1 Busking practice

2 Read

3 clean up & spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Perler beads

11 Georgia Okeif art project

12:45 Clean up and reflection

1:30 Gratitude Circle


After School stuff: Khan Academy( on Tuesday, Wed, Thurs and Fri) and Duolingo (Everyday)



Favorite part of this week: I really enjoyed doing the art project today (Friday). It was a lot of fun to use oil pastels and do shading. I liked getting my hands dirty and being able to see the end result. I would like to do some more art projects in the weeks to come.


Elisha and I want to raise some money for the summer camp road trip this summer, and we decided to busk to make money. So this week we’ve been practicing songs to go play uptown next weekend. It was a lot of fun, Elisha plays the Ukulele while we both sing.




My week of 1/29/18- 2/2/18

So this week I only went to school on Wednesday and Thursday. I didn’t go on Monday and Tuesday because I was recovering from a car accident on Sunday. But I practiced Spanish on Duolingo and some math, grammar and geometry on Khan Academy while I was out. I was off-site learning today because I wasn’t really interested in anything at school. So I figured I’d stay back and practice some more Duolingo and Khan academy.


Monday and Tuesday: Off-site learning


Wednesday: Book club, mystery science and change up


Thursday: Wrote last weeks blog post, Logic puzzles, book club, read, Dr.’s office game and Ari’s around the sun


Friday; Off site learning


I don’t have much else to say with only being at school two days. I will look forward to putting in full week next week, and getting back on my usual schedule.

The week of 1/22/18- 1/26/18

My week:


Monday: I forgot to document what I did


Tuesday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Hike at reedy creek

2 Graduation meeting

3 Clean up and spawn


Wednesday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Change up meeting

11 Book club ( Guardians of ga’hoole)

12 Guess who

1 cooking

2 12 and up meeting

3 Clean up & spawn


Thursday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Crochet

11 watch videos on how to crochet a hat

1 Busking practice

2 Meet up and talk with the choreography group

3 Clean up & spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Crochet

12 sleeping queens

1 Clean up

1:15 Ethan’s around the sun

1:30 reflection



This week i felt a lot of contentment and joy, just being at school.I was thinking about it this week and , I think the place I feel most at home is school. During the week I’m back and forth between my moms and dads houses. But school is the place I know I’m going to be every weekday. We know each other so well , which makes problem solving easy. We are like one big family. I love it, feeling so comfortable and content in school is awesome. Nothing like the experience I’ve had in the past with public schools. My clean up team is Luke and Liam, they are both so helpful during clean up. I really appreciated all of their willingness and help this week. I started practicing geometry and grammar on Khan Academy this week, I felt productive and enjoyed it a lot.

Nancy comes back next week, I’m so excited!! I, and most everyone else in the school really enjoyed having Kristine sub for Nancy. She really fit in and was so supportive of all of us in spawn point. With helping us get things done. It was also great having her there when I had a hard day or needed a hug, she was very caring. I have mixed feelings, I’m sad Kristine is going, but so stoked Nancy is coming back. I want them both here! Well thats about it for this week.

My week back at school 1/8/18-1/12/18

This week was our first week back from a very long winter break. heres what I did:




Tuesday: 9:30 Set The Week

10 Book club (The Maze Runner)

11 Codenames

2 Book club meeting

2:50 Clean up and spawn


Wednesday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Change up

11 Cooking

12 Group game

12:30 Take a quiz about the quiet room

1 Hands on equations

2 Choreography

2:50 Clean up and spawn


Thursday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Book Club

11:30 Finger weave

12 Runs up and down stairs exercise

2 Graduation meeting

3 Clean up and spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Book club #1

11 Game of phones


1 Early clean up and reflection


Which offering was I most interested/ passionate about this week? It would probably be Choreography, I felt he excitement in everyone and we had a lot of fun.


Who’s company did i most enjoy this week, and why?: I really enjoyed the time i got to spend with Nancy. Its really nice seeing her up and around again.


What was missing this week that i want more of next week? Probably more schooley stuff, like reading, writing, math and that sort of stuff. So next week id like to balance my day with some productive things and things that are just fun.


If my week was worked into a movie, what rating would a critic give it? probably something really low.because i did not have a super exciting week.


So over the break I had an idea for a blog post, about how being at mosaic affects our personalities. So here I go, bare with me. I find it hard to get what I’m thinking into writing. So it might be a little jumbled and allover the place. I am often told by people (out of school) that I am mature for my age. I feel everyone at ALC Mosaic acts so mature for their age. Basing it on how the average child acts at that age. But none of us are “average”. We are so special (I think). I think because of all our field trips and interactions with each other that we have leaned some major social skills. When we visit museums and go on tours we often get  complemented on how behaved we are. We go on so many tips that, we just know how to act. So I think our social skills is one thing that makes us a little different from the kids at public schools. We are such good problem solvers and really good at expressing our feelings thru words. Even I am blown away at times of how awesomely situations I witness are handled. With such ease and love. We are more of a big family than a school group. most of us have known each other quite awhile and know each other very well. So we know what someone likes and what they may not like. Everyone is super respectful of each others boundaries and feelings. That right there in one quality I see lacking in adults at times. Another thing thats amazing is that we see each other as equals, so the facilitators don’t talk to us as if we are a little kid but as one person would talk to another. we are just two people. I really admire and appreciate our community for how it has changed me and help me develop as a person. A place where I can just be another person in the world and not judged for things I may be lacking or bad at. We see the possibility for growth in each other. So even if this person is not above grade level on this. They have all the support they need and many people with confidence in their ability to get better. We are not a perfect school, but a pretty awesome on that I am pleased to be in. i will probably touch on this topic in future blogs but for now I will leave it at that.


My week of 12/11/17- 12/15/17 and my reflection on Wings

Today is the last day of our wings session . So let me record how it went, I didn’t quite take notes in the beginning as I should of. So I’m not sure how everything went in the beginning. But I’ll write what I remember. So in the beginning I wanted to practice regular meditation. I did that for a few weeks, then noticed making myself sit down and meditate every day kind of ruined the point of it. So I decide to just meditate when I felt I needed it. I have also been working on drinking more water and becoming fluent in Spanish. I have been doing okay on drinking more water. I might not be drinking as much as i’d like but I’m definitely drinking more than usual. As for becoming fluent in Spanish there’s only so much Duolingo ( the app I practice Spanish on) can do for me. Once I’m done with all the lessons on Duolingo I’m still not going to know Spanish perfectly. So honestly if I’m really serious about wanting to be fluent, I should just spend a year or so in a Spanish speaking country. So I think I can keep doing the lessons on Duolingo  and then move on. Because there’s always going to be more Spanish to learn. And I don’t want to use up all my wings sessions working on learning Spanish. Every wings session has included Spanish so far. So I feel satisfied for now. Over the winter break I will Continue my Spanish lessons on Duolingo. I will also continue drinking water, at least 2 liters a day. Overall I feel pretty good and proud of myself. I am very thankful for Wings and the support I get from the group and everyone in it.





Monday: 9:30 STW

10 Book club (The Maze Runner)

11:15 Space museum interest meeting

12: 45 Choreography

1:45 Diversity working group meeting

3 Clean up & spawn


Tuesday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Yearbook meeting

11 Choreography

12:30 Leave for Panthers Stadium tour

3  Clean up & spawn


Wednesday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Change up

11 Leave to go look at gingerbread houses

1 Take a picture with santa

3 Clean up & spawn


Thursday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Make sandwiches for Urban Ministries

11 drop off Sandwiches

1 Water color painting

2 Write blog post

3 Clean up & spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Book club ( The Maze Runner)

11 Road trip interest meeting

12 Duolingo

12:45 Clean up & Spawn

1 Reflection

1:45 Ayan’s around the sun



What is the most satisfying thing I did this week?: I really enjoyed starting choreography back up. Just the effort and willingness everyone put in, it was just really satisfying.


Rose (favorite thing I did this week): Panthers stadium tour

Bud (what I am looking forward to): Winter break

Thorn (my least favorite part of the week): The noisiness and bad energy I picked up on in the space.


My week of 12/3/17- 12/8/17

So this week I did the things below.

Monday: 9:30 SET THE WEEK

10 Spawn

10:30  Reading of The Maze Runner

1  Road trip interest  meeting

2 Create a spawn shifting board

3 Clean up and spawn


Tuesday: 9:30 Spawn

11:30 Lunch at Hawthornes pizza

1 Truth or dare

3 clean up & spawn


Wednesday: 9:30 Spawn and change up

10 Book club reading of The Maze Runner

12 Whole school group game

1 Wood working safety course

2 leave early


Thursday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Leave for urban hike

3 Clean up & spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Reading of The Maze Runner

12 Make star decor

1 Clean up & reflection


How did i use the new space this week that I really enjoyed?: I really enjoyed having book club in the quiet room. Something about snuggling up in that comfy couch gave me much joy.

What are some things that could have been better this week?: There was lots of excitement to be in the new space. So most everyone was inside (specifically on Monday) so made for a very noisy space and overwhelmed people.


Overall how do I feel about my week?: Pretty good,I enjoyed having a warm building on the cold days. I wish i could have done some hands on equations this week. but ill get to it another time.

My week of 11/27/ 17- 12/1/17

So this was our first semi-full week with being in the school building. So thats exciting!! We didn’t have school on Monday. So here goes my first blog post in a while.


Tuesday              Wednesday                   Thursday                  Friday

9:30  STW             9:30 SPAWN               9:30 SPAWN           9:30 SPAWN

10 SPAWN           10 Bath bombs                                        10 CC Renaming meeting

11 Read                       11 Read                11 Make books w/ Brodie

12 Drumming      12 Drumming               12 Drumming           12:50 Group pic

1 clean up and reflection

2 T or D                 2 Change up                  2 Early clean up

2:30 Drum Performance

3 CU and S             3 CU and S                  3 CU and S



What I am  most proud of this week: Learning two different African drumming rhythms in 3 days. And then sounding good while performing it. I’m proud of all the effort and focus all of us put into it.


Most relaxing thing I did this week: Read


What I wish I could have done this week: Learned a new song on the piano, some kind of science experiment, math and more


Over all how was my week: Pretty great, I really enjoyed drumming. I felt like I could have been more productive, but theres always next week.