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Wings Sprint #5

Hey people of ALC, this week was our wings sprint #5. This sprint as well as all my sprints was for being fluent in Spanish. This week my goal was to practice DuoLingo for at least 15 minutes a day. I have found that I normally do 20 minutes anyway. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I practiced DuoLingo for 20 minutes. I will practice tonight on my phone. The reason i did not practice on Tuesday was because we went to the Renaissance festival. Another goal of mine i had for this week was to play Spanish scrabble weather its just plain Spanish scrabble or ┬áregular scrabble with me playing Spanish words. I did not get to that this week but i am planning on downloading it on my phone and playing either tonight or this weekend. Tomas has given us a question to answer today. My question is why do I want to be fluent in Spanish? I want to be fluent because there are people i know who speak Spanish and I desire to have conversations in Spanish with them. Also I thunk its just a good skill to have. i like going to Mexican restaurants and want to be able to order in Spanish with no problems or having to go on google translate to know how to order. I hear people speak Spanish and sometimes want to know what they are saying. but besides those things i just think its cool to know more than one language. So thats all i can think up right now. i know i have tons of little reasons but my mind just kind of goes blank when I try to think of the reasons. Now while i was typing in this post about DuoLingo i felt like i should share why i continue to practice DuoLingo every sprint. I think that i continue practicing because It works well for me and makes me feel like i am making progress. It makes me feel like i am covering a lot of the subjects i wouldn’t even think of covering.


  1. NancyT says:

    I agree, I also want to be fluent in Spanish because I think knowing more than one language is a useful. fun, and interesting skill to have. I have been meaning to try out the chat bots in Duolingo because Alona says it’s a new feature that is pretty fun!

  2. Tomis says:

    Thanks for sharing, Lib.
    It’s great that DuoLingo is working well for you! Such a useful and convenient tool.
    Plus, you got Spanish restaurant every week ­čÖé

    It’s been really fun for me to get to collaborate on this tool for Wings!

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