My four day “school week”

Hello, This week we were off Monday for Memorial Day. So, instead of school on Monday I went to the mall and grocery shopping. Not too eventful, then on Tuesday I did Spanish with Karen. Karen is a friend of Nancy’s that used to come to our Spanish restaurant. I believe she has tout Spanish at some point. We pay her thru finance committee to teach some Spanish at Mosaic. So she comes every Tuesday. I also did some testing on Tuesday, now testing doesn’t sound like our kind of education but we are required by the state to test in 3rd, 6th and 9th grade. Then on Wednesday I finished the rest of my test and watched Shrek. Thursday a group of kids and adults went hiking in 88 degrees at Kings mountain and to top that we did cross fit after the hike. So i was worn out by the time i got home. Then today I went to the library and some other places. I  also went to take care of my friend Kate’s cat because shes out of town.  When i checked on it on Tuesday I found that it had locked it self in a room and was pooping in there. The cat also clawed up the carpet to try to get out.  Oh and Will’s around the sun (birthday celebration) was today so I did that. Then last but not least i went to the park and played with Elle. I wouldn’t think I would have so much fun hanging out with someone 1/3 my age, but I had a lot of fun. Ok well that is about it for my week. thanks for reading my boring blog.

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