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My week of 12/11/17- 12/15/17 and my reflection on Wings

Today is the last day of our wings session . So let me record how it went, I didn’t quite take notes in the beginning as I should of. So I’m not sure how everything went in the beginning. But I’ll write what I remember. So in the beginning I wanted to practice regular meditation. I did that for a few weeks, then noticed making myself sit down and meditate every day kind of ruined the point of it. So I decide to just meditate when I felt I needed it. I have also been working on drinking more water and becoming fluent in Spanish. I have been doing okay on drinking more water. I might not be drinking as much as i’d like but I’m definitely drinking more than usual. As for becoming fluent in Spanish there’s only so much Duolingo ( the app I practice Spanish on) can do for me. Once I’m done with all the lessons on Duolingo I’m still not going to know Spanish perfectly. So honestly if I’m really serious about wanting to be fluent, I should just spend a year or so in a Spanish speaking country. So I think I can keep doing the lessons on Duolingo¬† and then move on. Because there’s always going to be more Spanish to learn. And I don’t want to use up all my wings sessions working on learning Spanish. Every wings session has included Spanish so far. So I feel satisfied for now. Over the winter break I will Continue my Spanish lessons on Duolingo. I will also continue drinking water, at least 2 liters a day. Overall I feel pretty good and proud of myself. I am very thankful for Wings and the support I get from the group and everyone in it.





Monday: 9:30 STW

10 Book club (The Maze Runner)

11:15 Space museum interest meeting

12: 45 Choreography

1:45 Diversity working group meeting

3 Clean up & spawn


Tuesday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Yearbook meeting

11 Choreography

12:30 Leave for Panthers Stadium tour

3  Clean up & spawn


Wednesday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Change up

11 Leave to go look at gingerbread houses

1 Take a picture with santa

3 Clean up & spawn


Thursday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Make sandwiches for Urban Ministries

11 drop off Sandwiches

1 Water color painting

2 Write blog post

3 Clean up & spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Book club ( The Maze Runner)

11 Road trip interest meeting

12 Duolingo

12:45 Clean up & Spawn

1 Reflection

1:45 Ayan’s around the sun



What is the most satisfying thing I did this week?: I really enjoyed starting choreography back up. Just the effort and willingness everyone put in, it was just really satisfying.


Rose (favorite thing I did this week): Panthers stadium tour

Bud (what I am looking forward to): Winter break

Thorn (my least favorite part of the week): The noisiness and bad energy I picked up on in the space.


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