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My week back at school 1/8/18-1/12/18

This week was our first week back from a very long winter break. heres what I did:




Tuesday: 9:30 Set The Week

10 Book club (The Maze Runner)

11 Codenames

2 Book club meeting

2:50 Clean up and spawn


Wednesday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Change up

11 Cooking

12 Group game

12:30 Take a quiz about the quiet room

1 Hands on equations

2 Choreography

2:50 Clean up and spawn


Thursday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Book Club

11:30 Finger weave

12 Runs up and down stairs exercise

2 Graduation meeting

3 Clean up and spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Book club #1

11 Game of phones


1 Early clean up and reflection


Which offering was I most interested/ passionate about this week? It would probably be Choreography, I felt he excitement in everyone and we had a lot of fun.


Who’s company did i most enjoy this week, and why?: I really enjoyed the time i got to spend with Nancy. Its really nice seeing her up and around again.


What was missing this week that i want more of next week? Probably more schooley stuff, like reading, writing, math and that sort of stuff. So next week id like to balance my day with some productive things and things that are just fun.


If my week was worked into a movie, what rating would a critic give it? probably something really low.because i did not have a super exciting week.


So over the break I had an idea for a blog post, about how being at mosaic affects our personalities. So here I go, bare with me. I find it hard to get what I’m thinking into writing. So it might be a little jumbled and allover the place. I am often told by people (out of school) that I am mature for my age. I feel everyone at ALC Mosaic acts so mature for their age. Basing it on how the average child acts at that age. But none of us are “average”. We are so special (I think). I think because of all our field trips and interactions with each other that we have leaned some major social skills. When we visit museums and go on tours we often get ┬ácomplemented on how behaved we are. We go on so many tips that, we just know how to act. So I think our social skills is one thing that makes us a little different from the kids at public schools. We are such good problem solvers and really good at expressing our feelings thru words. Even I am blown away at times of how awesomely situations I witness are handled. With such ease and love. We are more of a big family than a school group. most of us have known each other quite awhile and know each other very well. So we know what someone likes and what they may not like. Everyone is super respectful of each others boundaries and feelings. That right there in one quality I see lacking in adults at times. Another thing thats amazing is that we see each other as equals, so the facilitators don’t talk to us as if we are a little kid but as one person would talk to another. we are just two people. I really admire and appreciate our community for how it has changed me and help me develop as a person. A place where I can just be another person in the world and not judged for things I may be lacking or bad at. We see the possibility for growth in each other. So even if this person is not above grade level on this. They have all the support they need and many people with confidence in their ability to get better. We are not a perfect school, but a pretty awesome on that I am pleased to be in. i will probably touch on this topic in future blogs but for now I will leave it at that.


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