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The week of 3/4/18-3/8/18


Monday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Book club

11 Poker

1 henna rt

2 Mystery science

2:50 Clean up and spawn


Tuesday: 9:30 Spawn

10:30 Truth or brick


2 Sit outside chatting with Elisha


Wednesday: 9:30 Change up

11 Dance off

12 read

1 WitnesShifting ( I wrote about what it is farther down in the blog post)

2 Writers workshop

2:50 Clean up and Spawn


Thursday: 9:30 Spawn

11 African peanut stew making

12 Henna tattoos

12:30 Science fair interest meeting

1  get/give haircuts

2:50 Clean up and spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Book club

11 research science experiments

12 Clean up job shake up meeting

12:45 Grats+ Shats

1 Reflection


Most enjoyable thing this week: African peanut stew making, I really liked the group of people I did it with. we didn’t  need to fight about who got to measure what, we just worked it out. There was also only 4 of us, so we got to be more of a part of making it. As apposed to when there is a big group, and everyone only gets to do one little thing. So I like having a small group.

What did you feel was missing this week? I missed getting out into nature for a hike , this week. I think being in the woods is pretty therapeutic, it really seems to affect my mood that week. So i was a little sad, but I am looking forward to next weeks hike.


About WitnesShifting, and how ts helped me: So Tomis has created this deep sharing activity, called WitnesShifting. We’ve done it about 3 times now. So we start by taking 2 minutes of silence to transfer ourselves into a sort of , calm state. Then there is a chance for everyone to write down on a sticky note, a challenge , a celebration or an opportunity they have in their lives right now. We will take 2 more minutes of silence. Once that is done, whoever feels called to will stand up in the circle and share about their, opportunity, celebration or challenge. They will walk around in the middle of the circle, to keep their thoughts going. They can share for however long they’d like, without interruption. Then they can choose to receive advice, questions for understanding, etc. or to just be heard. So that is a quick summery of it. I have really benefited from this activity! I’ve shared twice about challenges in my life, I’ve gotten AWESOME feedback. For example, I am trying to raise $625 for the Florida road trip this summer. I was overwhelmed by the amount of money i had to save. I got advice on ways to get babysitting jobs, and since I have gotten many requests for babysitting. I was very happy!! So I am really thankful that Tomis has brought this exercise  to our community!!

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