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My week of 3/11/18- 3/16/18




Monday: STW

10 Book club

11 yoga in the rain

12 Read

1 game of things

2 Mystery Science

2:50 clean up & spawn

NOTES: I really enjoyed doing yoga in the rain, it was very cold but fun. I’m wanting to work more yoga into my daily schedule, it just puts me in a place of peace. I feel yoga helps me feel good mentally and ¬†physically, I think its all of the deep breathing.


Tuesday: Change up

11 The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe play

1:30 Sleeping queens

2 Pastel art

2:50 clean up & spawn

NOTES: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe play was good, it took up most of my day, but i thought it was worth it. There were only two people acting out all the characters, I would have gathered more people be acting. But I thought the actors did a very good job at acting out multiple parts.


Wednesday: 10 School walkout

11 Balderdash

12 Poop the game

1 Sharpie art

2 Writer’s Workshop

2:50 Clean up & spawn

NOTES: The school walkout was nice, I appreciated all of the honks we got from cars. I was also happy with the amount of students that participated, it was heart warming to see everyone care so much about shootings happening in our society. Not everyone was silent for the 17 minutes, but everyone seemed to be very respectful while we stood there, on the sidewalk.


Thursday: 10 Book club and tea

11 Blog about the past week

1 Truth or dare

2:50 Clean up & spawn

NOTES: It wasn’t a very eventful day, but it was still decent. I did one productive thing (blogging) and then I decide that was enough for me, and started playing Truth Or Dare for an hour and a half. It felt like a balanced day, with doing something that was fun, and something I knew had to be done.


Friday: STEM Festival (all day)


NOTES: The STEM Festival was really cool, but also really loud. There were a bunch of tables set up in a gymnasium, and a bunch of other middle school kids. The stuff was really cool that I learned, but all the noise was overwhelming. I would have enjoyed it much better if there was less people. I didn’t get to check out all of the stations, because there was a lot of people crowd around each table. I am happy I got to go, but would not go again ,unless it would just be our school.

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