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The week of 3/19/18-3/23/18



Monday: STW

10:30 Spawn

11 People experiment

12 Other book club

12:30 Never have I ever

1 From a babysitter to a respectful children specialist meeting

2:30 Jordynn’s around the sun celebration

NOTES: The first babysitter to a respectful children specialist meeting went well. We talked about non violent communication, and shared tough experiences we’ve had with children , where we didn’t know what to do. I enjoyed it, I appreciate that Heather Busher is devoting some of her time each week to help this class happen for us.


Tuesday: Spawn

12:30 never have I ever

1 Big history project

2 Clay works at the library

NOTES: The clay works at the Independence library was pretty cool, I made a bowl. It was cool doing the clay sculpting with my hand, its a lot different then on a wheel. I think I prefer doing it without a poetry wheel. It felt a little easier, and there were cool “texture tools” that we could use to make designs. 



Wednesday: Spawn

Change up

11:30 leave for mint museum

2 Writer’s workshop check-in

2:15 read

NOTES: The Mint Museum tour was great, we focused on the african art. It was cool having it as a tour, I wouldn’t have learned as much if I was just walking around in the museum. I preferd our tour guide telling me about different artifacts than me reding it on a sign. But I would like to go back and look more closely at some things that were not explained in the tour.


Thursday: Spawn

10 blog

11 read

12 talent show

1 Truth or dare

2 Mystery science


NOTES: It didn’t feel like a very productive day, I wish I could have used my time more wisely, but I did have fun doing the things above.


Friday: Spawn

10 McColl center tour

1 Clean up and reflection


NOTES: The McColl center of modern art was awesome. I really enjoyed looking at the art and getting to make our own. I think it would be really cool to be an artist there. The benefits are huge, they get to live across the street for free, they get 24 hour access to the art center and all of their supplies is provided. Its a pretty amazing arrangement. 






Rose: The McColl center

Bud: Anti-racism workshop on Sunday

Thorn: Not going on a hike

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