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THE WEEK OF 3/26/18-3/30/18



Monday: STW

book club

yard work/ community service project


from a babysitter to a respectful children’s specialist

CU & spawn

NOTES: I’m really enjoying the from a babysitter to a respectful children’s specialist offerings by Heather Busher. I benefit from hearing what she has to say about how to respectfully speak to children, I think it will really come in handy with my babysitting gigs.

The little community service projects that Nancy is hosting seem to have been working well. Each week Nancy will draw two names from a jar, and whoever is drawn helps to do a small project to improve the school space. This week Elisha and I did the project, we pulled weeks out in the garden area. It didn’t take very long, but it did improve the space in a small way. I can’t wait to see the space improving little by little.


Tuesday: Spawn

walk on uptown greenway

exploding kittens card game


CU & spawn

NOTES: The walk on the uptown greenway was relaxing, it was cloudy out but still good. All though I wish we walked longer, I was glad to have gone.


Wednesday: Change Up

book club

Guide a tour for the Davidson Green School students

walk to Hawthorne’s pizza

writer’s workshop

CU and spawn

NOTES: It was nice to have the Davidson Green School kids see our campus, and come to lunch with us. I got to know a few of them better, and had a lot of fun chatting with them. But it seemed like most of my day was taken up by their visit, I wasn’t able to get some things I was wanting to done.

Thursday: spawn



listening circle planning meeting

big history project

CU and spawn

NOTES: In the big history project we talked about the mystery of Easter Island, it was fun, and satisfying considering The Big History Project geared towards high school students.

I am the coherence holder for scheduling a listening circle at school. The meaning of it is to have male bodied people listen to female bodied people share about their experiences with being a female. We have invited curtain people to come and/ or speak at the circle. I am personally looking forward to seeing hoe this goes.

Friday: spawn

book club ( finished Guardians Of Ga’ hoole)


gratitude and shout outs

CU and reflection

NOTES: I was happy to have finished Guardians Of Ga’hoole, it felt like it was going on for awhile. I zoned out a lot during the readings, but overall it was a good book. Not one I would have read on my own though.




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