My week of 5/21/18- 5/25/18


This week a lot of us from school went to Asheville from Tuesday morning, to Wednesday evening. It was about a 2 hour drive, once we got there we visited an alpaca farm. They were sheering the alpacas when we got there, so we were able to watch. It was pretty cool to see, the men who di9d it had to wrestle the alpacas to the ground and tie up their legs and feet, so that the men don’t get hurt. The men would trim their nails , trim their fur and trim down their teeth. Alpacas only have teeth on the bottom of their mouths. So their teeth need to be trimmed down so they don’t cut the top of their mouth or hurt other alpacas. The farm had some other animals to, the owners had two dogs, a bird (not sure which kind), two miniature horses and a donkey. The donkey was my personal favorite, I fed it out of my hand and it let me pet it. The owners of the farm gave us each goodie bags before we left, with a dryer ball made of alpaca fur and soap with alpaca fur around it. I enjoyed seeing the alpacas, and just being there. After the farm we went and walked around a little bit in a little town near there, where we visited a train museum. The man who worked there suggested we visit this famous authors house and baby goats. So you can guess what we did next… we went to see the baby goats. They were very cute, we did not stay there very long but I still enjoyed it. We went to our YMCA cabins to get settled after the goats. We rented 3 cabins, two for the girls, then one big one for the boys. I was in a cabin with Elisha, Alona and Leigh (their mom). We ate Dinner at the boys cabin that night and  breakfast the next morning. The next day we took two tours of The Biltmore Estate, one main one that most people go on and, one behind the scenes tour. I really liked it, our tour guide had a very soothing accent. We ate a quick lunch in the parking lot after the tours and waked around the gardens at The Biltmotre. They were very beautiful and wonderfully maintained, but it was very hot out, with very limited shade in the gardens. Once we were done looking through the gardens we headed back to Charlotte. Overall it was a very pleasant trip, I am glad I went.


As for Monday and Thursday I have blanked on what I did, I guess that is what happens when I keep writing my blog post a week later than I should. We had no school on Friday, due to a four day weekend for Memorial day weekend.


My week of 5/7/18-5/11/18

This week a group of us left for Atlanta on Tuesday morning at 6:15. Elisha, Alona, Me, Melissa, Ayan, Caleb , Ethan, Tessa and Evan was who went. We were all interested in visiting another ALC, there is one in Atlanta called Heart Wood. We arrived there at 11 on Tuesday and school ended at 3. We weren’t there long enough to really be able to judge what its like, there also weren’t very many things scheduled in the time we were there. They seem to play a lot of games, and be very in to having fun. One offering I did attend was their book club, they were reading The Hate U Give. Our las book in our book club was that same book, so  I decided to attend theirs. Their book club was a little different, they pass around the book so everyone gets a chance to read a little bit, as apposed to having one person read the whole book out loud. I thought it was a good way to do book club, in the way that people can practice  their reading out loud skills. They had a kids spawn at Heart Wood too, I checked theirs out. It was also pretty different from how we do it. Our kids spawn is mostly geared around older kids who are able to set intentions and do lots of documentation for when we may need it in the future. But heart Wood’s kid spawn was from what I saw, more to have fun than documentation. Theres nothing wrong with that either, but I personally enjoy documenting and setting intentions. If I ever went back I would want to stay longer, to get more of a feel of how they do things.


In Atlanta we stayed in a BEAUTIFUL Airbnb. It was a renovated tiny white church, that didn’t at all look like a church on the inside. All of us fell in love with the space.


On Wednesday all of us went and visited the MLK museum. We took a tour of the house he grew up in, explored the visitors center museum, visited where he was buried, and went in the church he went to. I felt it was a really awesome experience. it was really cool learning more about him, and seeing what he saw as a kid.

After the MLK museum, we went to eat at a market. It had a ton of food options. Then we got on the road and headed back to Charlotte.



Monday: STW



Skit practice

pre algebra






Thursday: Spawn



pre algebra

mystery science


Friday: Social experiment

Community lunch


NOTES: Elisha and I preformed part of our social experiment for the science fair today. We dressed up in different outfits and saw if we were treated differently based on our physical appearance. We dressed up as goth, casual, ragged clothing (poor looking) and in nice dresses. I will include the final results in a future blog post, but i think it went well.

My week of 4/23/18-4/27/18


Monday: Geography

History mystery


NOTES: I doubt I only did three things today, I just didn’t document what I did on Monday, so this is just what I recall doing.


Tuesday: Book club

Clay works at the library

NOTES: I also didn’t document what I did Tuesday, I’m sure i did more than whats shown. Clay works at the library was fun, I made a elephant. It wasn’t half bad, I had fun making it too.


Wednesday: Change up

book club

group game (tag)

book and game inventory

clean up and spawn

NOTES: The book and game inventory was something offered by Nancy. We went through the books and games in the school to be more racially equal. So with the books we went though and  picked out the ones with white main characters and black main characters. Out of the stack we had there were 154ish books with white lead characters, and 15 black.


Thursday: HOME DAY




get nails done

run errands

NOTES: I got to spend the day with my aunt again, we had a good time, enyoyed each others company.


Friday: Spawn

pre- algebra


community lunch

spawn and reflection

NOTES: I was able to work upstairs in the computer room on some pre algebra stuff today. That has never happened, it’s usually really loud in there, so i was very suprised and happy to be able to work in peace.


OFFERING INTERESTS: I’m interested in having some kind of hands on science class, we have mystery science but I want something more advanced. I’d also like to have a yoga class of some sort, we used to have Marry Beth come in to teach one and I really liked it.




My week of 4/16/18-4/20/18

    MY WEEK     

Monday: Set the week


                preparing of the car safety skit


                from a babysitter to a respectful children specialist         

NOTES: I have really been enjoying the geography meet ups, I have felt like I don’t know where anything is. These meet ups have been helping me become more familiar with the world map, and where everything is located. I am still liking the course that Heather Busher has offered “from a babysitter to a respectful child specialist” .

Tuesday: Spawn

Elle’s crossover ceremony

Diversity working group meeting

car safety skit stuff

chat with Palmer

history mystery

NOTES: Elle is officially a branches student now, the youngest one we’ve had. The diversity working group meeting was nice, we haven’t had one in awhile. Alona, Elisha, Jordynn and I have been working on a car safety skit. Its a way of getting the message of car safety out, but being silly about it. I talk about how talking with Palmer went at the very bottom.

Wednesday: HOME DAY


create birthday gift

run errands

clean my house

NOTES: It was kind of nice taking a home day, I got to hang out with my aunt, and got some chores done. I got to go eat at my favorite sushi place, Pisces. I was also able to get some piano practice in, that is always relaxing.

Thursday:  spawn


games/ getting to know the kids from NYC ALC


NOTES:It was nice getting to know the folks from NYC ALC, I played truth or dare with the two older boys Jason and Javier. It was a lot of fun and we shared many laughs. Pre- algebra has been fun, I feel productive and proud once I get though each lesson.


Friday:   SPACE JAM

spawn and reflection

NOTES: Space Jam is an event that Dean offered, we played music and picked up trash around area 15. I found it to be a very unique and meaningful offering, I enjoyed the music jamming. Playing without a plan of where your going with your song, i deeply enjoyed it. It also felt very nice to pick up trash, I felt this sense of pride and inner joy. So I am very pleased and grateful for the offering.


Weekly intentions: Get to know a roots kid or parent. I decide to get to know Palmer, we just chatted while he was riding on a tricycle. He told me about the woman he wants to marry when he grows up, and his best friends currently. I enjoyed it very much, I would have liked to spend the whole day with him as apposed to 20 minutes, so I think I’ll do that next time.


THE WEEK OF 3/26/18-3/30/18



Monday: STW

book club

yard work/ community service project


from a babysitter to a respectful children’s specialist

CU & spawn

NOTES: I’m really enjoying the from a babysitter to a respectful children’s specialist offerings by Heather Busher. I benefit from hearing what she has to say about how to respectfully speak to children, I think it will really come in handy with my babysitting gigs.

The little community service projects that Nancy is hosting seem to have been working well. Each week Nancy will draw two names from a jar, and whoever is drawn helps to do a small project to improve the school space. This week Elisha and I did the project, we pulled weeks out in the garden area. It didn’t take very long, but it did improve the space in a small way. I can’t wait to see the space improving little by little.


Tuesday: Spawn

walk on uptown greenway

exploding kittens card game


CU & spawn

NOTES: The walk on the uptown greenway was relaxing, it was cloudy out but still good. All though I wish we walked longer, I was glad to have gone.


Wednesday: Change Up

book club

Guide a tour for the Davidson Green School students

walk to Hawthorne’s pizza

writer’s workshop

CU and spawn

NOTES: It was nice to have the Davidson Green School kids see our campus, and come to lunch with us. I got to know a few of them better, and had a lot of fun chatting with them. But it seemed like most of my day was taken up by their visit, I wasn’t able to get some things I was wanting to done.

Thursday: spawn



listening circle planning meeting

big history project

CU and spawn

NOTES: In the big history project we talked about the mystery of Easter Island, it was fun, and satisfying considering The Big History Project geared towards high school students.

I am the coherence holder for scheduling a listening circle at school. The meaning of it is to have male bodied people listen to female bodied people share about their experiences with being a female. We have invited curtain people to come and/ or speak at the circle. I am personally looking forward to seeing hoe this goes.

Friday: spawn

book club ( finished Guardians Of Ga’ hoole)


gratitude and shout outs

CU and reflection

NOTES: I was happy to have finished Guardians Of Ga’hoole, it felt like it was going on for awhile. I zoned out a lot during the readings, but overall it was a good book. Not one I would have read on my own though.




The week of 3/19/18-3/23/18



Monday: STW

10:30 Spawn

11 People experiment

12 Other book club

12:30 Never have I ever

1 From a babysitter to a respectful children specialist meeting

2:30 Jordynn’s around the sun celebration

NOTES: The first babysitter to a respectful children specialist meeting went well. We talked about non violent communication, and shared tough experiences we’ve had with children , where we didn’t know what to do. I enjoyed it, I appreciate that Heather Busher is devoting some of her time each week to help this class happen for us.


Tuesday: Spawn

12:30 never have I ever

1 Big history project

2 Clay works at the library

NOTES: The clay works at the Independence library was pretty cool, I made a bowl. It was cool doing the clay sculpting with my hand, its a lot different then on a wheel. I think I prefer doing it without a poetry wheel. It felt a little easier, and there were cool “texture tools” that we could use to make designs. 



Wednesday: Spawn

Change up

11:30 leave for mint museum

2 Writer’s workshop check-in

2:15 read

NOTES: The Mint Museum tour was great, we focused on the african art. It was cool having it as a tour, I wouldn’t have learned as much if I was just walking around in the museum. I preferd our tour guide telling me about different artifacts than me reding it on a sign. But I would like to go back and look more closely at some things that were not explained in the tour.


Thursday: Spawn

10 blog

11 read

12 talent show

1 Truth or dare

2 Mystery science


NOTES: It didn’t feel like a very productive day, I wish I could have used my time more wisely, but I did have fun doing the things above.


Friday: Spawn

10 McColl center tour

1 Clean up and reflection


NOTES: The McColl center of modern art was awesome. I really enjoyed looking at the art and getting to make our own. I think it would be really cool to be an artist there. The benefits are huge, they get to live across the street for free, they get 24 hour access to the art center and all of their supplies is provided. Its a pretty amazing arrangement. 






Rose: The McColl center

Bud: Anti-racism workshop on Sunday

Thorn: Not going on a hike

My week of 3/11/18- 3/16/18




Monday: STW

10 Book club

11 yoga in the rain

12 Read

1 game of things

2 Mystery Science

2:50 clean up & spawn

NOTES: I really enjoyed doing yoga in the rain, it was very cold but fun. I’m wanting to work more yoga into my daily schedule, it just puts me in a place of peace. I feel yoga helps me feel good mentally and  physically, I think its all of the deep breathing.


Tuesday: Change up

11 The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe play

1:30 Sleeping queens

2 Pastel art

2:50 clean up & spawn

NOTES: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe play was good, it took up most of my day, but i thought it was worth it. There were only two people acting out all the characters, I would have gathered more people be acting. But I thought the actors did a very good job at acting out multiple parts.


Wednesday: 10 School walkout

11 Balderdash

12 Poop the game

1 Sharpie art

2 Writer’s Workshop

2:50 Clean up & spawn

NOTES: The school walkout was nice, I appreciated all of the honks we got from cars. I was also happy with the amount of students that participated, it was heart warming to see everyone care so much about shootings happening in our society. Not everyone was silent for the 17 minutes, but everyone seemed to be very respectful while we stood there, on the sidewalk.


Thursday: 10 Book club and tea

11 Blog about the past week

1 Truth or dare

2:50 Clean up & spawn

NOTES: It wasn’t a very eventful day, but it was still decent. I did one productive thing (blogging) and then I decide that was enough for me, and started playing Truth Or Dare for an hour and a half. It felt like a balanced day, with doing something that was fun, and something I knew had to be done.


Friday: STEM Festival (all day)


NOTES: The STEM Festival was really cool, but also really loud. There were a bunch of tables set up in a gymnasium, and a bunch of other middle school kids. The stuff was really cool that I learned, but all the noise was overwhelming. I would have enjoyed it much better if there was less people. I didn’t get to check out all of the stations, because there was a lot of people crowd around each table. I am happy I got to go, but would not go again ,unless it would just be our school.

The week of 3/4/18-3/8/18


Monday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Book club

11 Poker

1 henna rt

2 Mystery science

2:50 Clean up and spawn


Tuesday: 9:30 Spawn

10:30 Truth or brick


2 Sit outside chatting with Elisha


Wednesday: 9:30 Change up

11 Dance off

12 read

1 WitnesShifting ( I wrote about what it is farther down in the blog post)

2 Writers workshop

2:50 Clean up and Spawn


Thursday: 9:30 Spawn

11 African peanut stew making

12 Henna tattoos

12:30 Science fair interest meeting

1  get/give haircuts

2:50 Clean up and spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Book club

11 research science experiments

12 Clean up job shake up meeting

12:45 Grats+ Shats

1 Reflection


Most enjoyable thing this week: African peanut stew making, I really liked the group of people I did it with. we didn’t  need to fight about who got to measure what, we just worked it out. There was also only 4 of us, so we got to be more of a part of making it. As apposed to when there is a big group, and everyone only gets to do one little thing. So I like having a small group.

What did you feel was missing this week? I missed getting out into nature for a hike , this week. I think being in the woods is pretty therapeutic, it really seems to affect my mood that week. So i was a little sad, but I am looking forward to next weeks hike.


About WitnesShifting, and how ts helped me: So Tomis has created this deep sharing activity, called WitnesShifting. We’ve done it about 3 times now. So we start by taking 2 minutes of silence to transfer ourselves into a sort of , calm state. Then there is a chance for everyone to write down on a sticky note, a challenge , a celebration or an opportunity they have in their lives right now. We will take 2 more minutes of silence. Once that is done, whoever feels called to will stand up in the circle and share about their, opportunity, celebration or challenge. They will walk around in the middle of the circle, to keep their thoughts going. They can share for however long they’d like, without interruption. Then they can choose to receive advice, questions for understanding, etc. or to just be heard. So that is a quick summery of it. I have really benefited from this activity! I’ve shared twice about challenges in my life, I’ve gotten AWESOME feedback. For example, I am trying to raise $625 for the Florida road trip this summer. I was overwhelmed by the amount of money i had to save. I got advice on ways to get babysitting jobs, and since I have gotten many requests for babysitting. I was very happy!! So I am really thankful that Tomis has brought this exercise  to our community!!

2/19/18- 2/23/18

This week I stayed home on Monday and Tuesday, due to a cold. But I practiced piano, read, practiced (Spanish on) Duolingo, and practiced algebra, grammar and geometry on Khan academy. For my off-site learning. I also FaceTimed in for the talk with Bea on Monday.


Monday and Tuesday: Off Site learning


Wednesday: Book club

Practice for the lip sync battle

Lip sync battle

Group game (banana tag)

Witness shifting session

Writers workshop

NOTES: I really enjoyed our first Witness Shifting session! I really benefited from having space to talk about my struggles, opportunities and acknowledgments of life. I found myself feeling very peaceful and happy after we were done. I also felt pumped and ready to start making changes in my life, in ways that were suggested to me.


Thursday: Youth trip to Davidson Green School


NOTES: I enjoyed being able to meet/ connect with some older kids at the Davidson Green school. We played some games to get to know each other a little bit. Then some of us kids (including me) created a spring formal/ party planning committee. So I will be helping with putting together some dance for the two schools.


Friday: Mystery science

Book club

Witness shifting


NOTES: I really enjoyed having all the babies around on Friday. Huxley, Holt and Aurora were at school spreading their bay magic everywhere.


My fabulous week of 2/12/18-2/16-18

Monday: Dairy free ice cream making, STW, Mystery science and more that I can not remember off the top of my head

Tuesday: Left to go to Oak Island for the first overnight 12 & up trip

Wednesday: 12 & up trip

Thursday: 12 & up trip

Friday: Gratatude circle, Mystery science, make spawn shifting board for my new spawn point, Graduation meeting, talk about the recent school shooting and reflection


This week we had our first overnight trip with the 12 & up group at school ( Will, Zack, Alona, Elisha, Caleb, Jess, Laura, Ralphie Will’s dog, Kate, Jordyn, Ireland and andrew went) ,Zack planned it. There was a serpentarium in Wilmington NC that Zack wanted to share with the rest of us. It was really amazing, there were lots of cool snakes to see and learn about. We also went some other places such as, an aquarium, Fort Fisher, took a ferry ride and ate lunch at a state park. We did some walking on the beach, that was probably my favorite part. I discovered my love for taking walks on the beach at night. The experiences of the places we went was awesome but what was truly the best part was the people. I really got to know everyone better and became extremely comfortable in their presence. I enjoyed bonding with everyone. Even the trip to the grocery store was fun, I love living my life with these people! another thing I really enjoyed was staying up until 12am Wednesday night, making fun of the figure skaters in the olympics. Everyone was delirious and laughing at everything. I have so much more to reflect on, but just can’t seem to get it out into writing. So I’ll leave it at I am incredibly grateful for the experience!!!!