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Hello Liberty here so over Thanksgiving I missed school very much and was thinking how amazing this school is. Its a school were if your not interested in something you don’t need to do it and you tell the adults what you are interested in .I realized how Thankful I am for a GRATE school like this . I thought about the kids right now who are in schools learning even if they don’t want to because if they don’t go to school or home school there parents could get arrested and who wants that NOT ME !!I also realized this at a movie last night about school .I LOVE THIS SCHOOL and EVERYONE in it .Its a grate school that I wish more people knew about .Before I came to this school last year 3 months after school started because I came home at 5 and barely had any ┬átime to play at school and the homework was too hard to keep up with I was not happy and my mom kept telling me about the school and one day she said want to visit with me on Wednesday I said ok so I visited and it was just to good of a opertunity to say no and I’m definetley happy now thank you so much for reading !!

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