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wings sprint #2

Hey ya’ll this week wings had another challenge sprint. My sprint was the same as all of them to be fluent in Spanish. After this week I feel a little more fluent in Spanish. DuoLingo says i’m 10 percent fluent in Spanish. This week I decided to do something more than just do DuoLingo. So I read short Spanish stories. I wanted to do it everyday but I only did It Monday,Wednesday and today (Friday). I did DuoLingo on Tuesday, Wednesday and today (Friday). Even though I did not do the things I wanted every day I’m still proud of myself. I was really proud of myself on Wednesday when I forgot to read a Spanish story at school and that is where I read them. But instead I just looked Spanish stories up online and found some that I was happy with. Also this woman named Maribel came today with her three kids. Her and her kids speak Spanish and will be coming every Friday. So Nancy and I talked with her and her daughter in Spanish and talked about what we want to do to practice Spanish every Friday. We agreed that we would play restaurant and there will be cooks, costumers and waiters. it will be a Spanish restaurant. So I’m looking forward to that. So I’m getting more excited at learning Spanish. So next week I’m going to continue In Spanish for my sprint and do the same stories I did this week because they seemed to work for me. Thanks for reading!!


  1. NancyT says:

    That’s awesome that you found a way to read Spanish at home when you forgot to do it at school 🙂 I’m excited to have someone at school interested in Spanish because I really want to practice with someone else.

    I’m surprised you forgot to mention that you got a tour of a firestation this week!!

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