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This week

Hey, This week I did not set up a sprint so FAIL. But I did do a cool thing on Wednesday called Space Jam. It consisted of music, art, rain and connection building. I got to meet some cool new people that Dean plays music with. But we cut it short because of the rain. I mean lots of people stayed the whole time but I cut it short and had a chill afternoon at school. Ayan and I facilitated change up meeting yesterday witch was fun but next time I might facilitate on my own. because I barely even got to go thru anything on the board. we also finished our book in book club Bud Not Buddy. then on Tuesday we went and saw the children’s theater play of it. The book and the play were rather Awesome!!!!!! I made a plaster hand today and painted part of it. The plaster pulled off a few hairs though. but it was fun. ┬áBut those things are pretty much all I can think of. We are going to the raptor center tomorrow. RANDOM.

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