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My week of 11/27/ 17- 12/1/17

So this was our first semi-full week with being in the school building. So thats exciting!! We didn’t have school on Monday. So here goes my first blog post in a while.


Tuesday              Wednesday                   Thursday                  Friday

9:30  STW             9:30 SPAWN               9:30 SPAWN           9:30 SPAWN

10 SPAWN           10 Bath bombs                                        10 CC Renaming meeting

11 Read                       11 Read                11 Make books w/ Brodie

12 Drumming      12 Drumming               12 Drumming           12:50 Group pic

1 clean up and reflection

2 T or D                 2 Change up                  2 Early clean up

2:30 Drum Performance

3 CU and S             3 CU and S                  3 CU and S



What I am  most proud of this week: Learning two different African drumming rhythms in 3 days. And then sounding good while performing it. I’m proud of all the effort and focus all of us put into it.


Most relaxing thing I did this week: Read


What I wish I could have done this week: Learned a new song on the piano, some kind of science experiment, math and more


Over all how was my week: Pretty great, I really enjoyed drumming. I felt like I could have been more productive, but theres always next week.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Wow Liberty! It seems to me like you managed to fit a lot in, even though you were spending so much time each day doing the drumming! I read Alona’s blog post about the drumming, and it sounds very complicated, but when I was watching, it seemed magical and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing that with us! <3 If it makes you better, the drumming sequence (after Alona explained it) sounded very mathematical, and doing the zipline is probably lots of fun, but also experiencing physics! 😉

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