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My week of 12/3/17- 12/8/17

So this week I did the things below.

Monday: 9:30 SET THE WEEK

10 Spawn

10:30  Reading of The Maze Runner

1  Road trip interest  meeting

2 Create a spawn shifting board

3 Clean up and spawn


Tuesday: 9:30 Spawn

11:30 Lunch at Hawthornes pizza

1 Truth or dare

3 clean up & spawn


Wednesday: 9:30 Spawn and change up

10 Book club reading of The Maze Runner

12 Whole school group game

1 Wood working safety course

2 leave early


Thursday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Leave for urban hike

3 Clean up & spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Reading of The Maze Runner

12 Make star decor

1 Clean up & reflection


How did i use the new space this week that I really enjoyed?: I really enjoyed having book club in the quiet room. Something about snuggling up in that comfy couch gave me much joy.

What are some things that could have been better this week?: There was lots of excitement to be in the new space. So most everyone was inside (specifically on Monday) so made for a very noisy space and overwhelmed people.


Overall how do I feel about my week?: Pretty good,I enjoyed having a warm building on the cold days. I wish i could have done some hands on equations this week. but ill get to it another time.

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