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The week of 1/22/18- 1/26/18

My week:


Monday: I forgot to document what I did


Tuesday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Hike at reedy creek

2 Graduation meeting

3 Clean up and spawn


Wednesday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Change up meeting

11 Book club ( Guardians of ga’hoole)

12 Guess who

1 cooking

2 12 and up meeting

3 Clean up & spawn


Thursday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Crochet

11 watch videos on how to crochet a hat

1 Busking practice

2 Meet up and talk with the choreography group

3 Clean up & spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Crochet

12 sleeping queens

1 Clean up

1:15 Ethan’s around the sun

1:30 reflection



This week i felt a lot of contentment and joy, just being at school.I was thinking about it this week and , I think the place I feel most at home is school. During the week I’m back and forth between my moms and dads houses. But school is the place I know I’m going to be every weekday. We know each other so well , which makes problem solving easy. We are like one big family. I love it, feeling so comfortable and content in school is awesome. Nothing like the experience I’ve had in the past with public schools. My clean up team is Luke and Liam, they are both so helpful during clean up. I really appreciated all of their willingness and help this week. I started practicing geometry and grammar on Khan Academy this week, I felt productive and enjoyed it a lot.

Nancy comes back next week, I’m so excited!! I, and most everyone else in the school really enjoyed having Kristine sub for Nancy. She really fit in and was so supportive of all of us in spawn point. With helping us get things done. It was also great having her there when I had a hard day or needed a hug, she was very caring. I have mixed feelings, I’m sad Kristine is going, but so stoked Nancy is coming back. I want them both here! Well thats about it for this week.

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