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My week of 1/29/18- 2/2/18

So this week I only went to school on Wednesday and Thursday. I didn’t go on Monday and Tuesday because I was recovering from a car accident on Sunday. But I practiced Spanish on Duolingo and some math, grammar and geometry on Khan Academy while I was out. I was off-site learning today because I wasn’t really interested in anything at school. So I figured I’d stay back and practice some more Duolingo and Khan academy.


Monday and Tuesday: Off-site learning


Wednesday: Book club, mystery science and change up


Thursday: Wrote last weeks blog post, Logic puzzles, book club, read, Dr.’s office game and Ari’s around the sun


Friday; Off site learning


I don’t have much else to say with only being at school two days. I will look forward to putting in full week next week, and getting back on my usual schedule.

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