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My amazing, fantastic, extravagant week ( 2/5/18- 2/9/18

I was so happy to be at school all week this week!!!!!

Monday: 9:30 STW

10 Spawn

book club

11 Code names

12 Fruit leather making

1 Other book club

2 Mystery science

3 Clean up and Spawn



Tuesday: 9:30  Spawn

10:30 Busking practice

11:30 Henna tatoos

12:45 Piano

1 Sweeping workshop

2 graduation meeting

3 Clean up & spawn


Wednesday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Change up

11:30 Dr.’s office game

1 Diversity group meeting

2 Writers workshop

2:30 read

3 Clean up & spawn



Thursday:9:30 Spawn shake up meeting

9:50 Spawn

10:30 Book club

11 Hands on equations

12 Mystery Science

1 Busking practice

2 Read

3 clean up & spawn


Friday: 9:30 Spawn

10 Perler beads

11 Georgia Okeif art project

12:45 Clean up and reflection

1:30 Gratitude Circle


After School stuff: Khan Academy( on Tuesday, Wed, Thurs and Fri) and Duolingo (Everyday)



Favorite part of this week: I really enjoyed doing the art project today (Friday). It was a lot of fun to use oil pastels and do shading. I liked getting my hands dirty and being able to see the end result. I would like to do some more art projects in the weeks to come.


Elisha and I want to raise some money for the summer camp road trip this summer, and we decided to busk to make money. So this week we’ve been practicing songs to go play uptown next weekend. It was a lot of fun, Elisha plays the Ukulele while we both sing.





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