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My fabulous week of 2/12/18-2/16-18

Monday: Dairy free ice cream making, STW, Mystery science and more that I can not remember off the top of my head

Tuesday: Left to go to Oak Island for the first overnight 12 & up trip

Wednesday: 12 & up trip

Thursday: 12 & up trip

Friday: Gratatude circle, Mystery science, make spawn shifting board for my new spawn point, Graduation meeting, talk about the recent school shooting and reflection


This week we had our first overnight trip with the 12 & up group at school ( Will, Zack, Alona, Elisha, Caleb, Jess, Laura, Ralphie Will’s dog, Kate, Jordyn, Ireland and andrew went) ,Zack planned it. There was a serpentarium in Wilmington NC that Zack wanted to share with the rest of us. It was really amazing, there were lots of cool snakes to see and learn about. We also went some other places such as, an aquarium, Fort Fisher, took a ferry ride and ate lunch at a state park. We did some walking on the beach, that was probably my favorite part. I discovered my love for taking walks on the beach at night. The experiences of the places we went was awesome but what was truly the best part was the people. I really got to know everyone better and became extremely comfortable in their presence. I enjoyed bonding with everyone. Even the trip to the grocery store was fun, I love living my life with these people! another thing I really enjoyed was staying up until 12am Wednesday night, making fun of the figure skaters in the olympics. Everyone was delirious and laughing at everything. I have so much more to reflect on, but just can’t seem to get it out into writing. So I’ll leave it at I am incredibly grateful for the experience!!!!



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