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2/19/18- 2/23/18

This week I stayed home on Monday and Tuesday, due to a cold. But I practiced piano, read, practiced (Spanish on) Duolingo, and practiced algebra, grammar and geometry on Khan academy. For my off-site learning. I also FaceTimed in for the talk with Bea on Monday.


Monday and Tuesday: Off Site learning


Wednesday: Book club

Practice for the lip sync battle

Lip sync battle

Group game (banana tag)

Witness shifting session

Writers workshop

NOTES: I really enjoyed our first Witness Shifting session! I really benefited from having space to talk about my struggles, opportunities and acknowledgments of life. I found myself feeling very peaceful and happy after we were done. I also felt pumped and ready to start making changes in my life, in ways that were suggested to me.


Thursday: Youth trip to Davidson Green School


NOTES: I enjoyed being able to meet/ connect with some older kids at the Davidson Green school. We played some games to get to know each other a little bit. Then some of us kids (including me) created a spring formal/ party planning committee. So I will be helping with putting together some dance for the two schools.


Friday: Mystery science

Book club

Witness shifting


NOTES: I really enjoyed having all the babies around on Friday. Huxley, Holt and Aurora were at school spreading their bay magic everywhere.


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