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My week of 4/16/18-4/20/18

    MY WEEK     

Monday: Set the week


                preparing of the car safety skit


                from a babysitter to a respectful children specialist         

NOTES: I have really been enjoying the geography meet ups, I have felt like I don’t know where anything is. These meet ups have been helping me become more familiar with the world map, and where everything is located. I am still liking the course that Heather Busher has offered “from a babysitter to a respectful child specialist” .

Tuesday: Spawn

Elle’s crossover ceremony

Diversity working group meeting

car safety skit stuff

chat with Palmer

history mystery

NOTES: Elle is officially a branches student now, the youngest one we’ve had. The diversity working group meeting was nice, we haven’t had one in awhile. Alona, Elisha, Jordynn and I have been working on a car safety skit. Its a way of getting the message of car safety out, but being silly about it. I talk about how talking with Palmer went at the very bottom.

Wednesday: HOME DAY


create birthday gift

run errands

clean my house

NOTES: It was kind of nice taking a home day, I got to hang out with my aunt, and got some chores done. I got to go eat at my favorite sushi place, Pisces. I was also able to get some piano practice in, that is always relaxing.

Thursday:  spawn


games/ getting to know the kids from NYC ALC


NOTES:It was nice getting to know the folks from NYC ALC, I played truth or dare with the two older boys Jason and Javier. It was a lot of fun and we shared many laughs. Pre- algebra has been fun, I feel productive and proud once I get though each lesson.


Friday:   SPACE JAM

spawn and reflection

NOTES: Space Jam is an event that Dean offered, we played music and picked up trash around area 15. I found it to be a very unique and meaningful offering, I enjoyed the music jamming. Playing without a plan of where your going with your song, i deeply enjoyed it. It also felt very nice to pick up trash, I felt this sense of pride and inner joy. So I am very pleased and grateful for the offering.


Weekly intentions: Get to know a roots kid or parent. I decide to get to know Palmer, we just chatted while he was riding on a tricycle. He told me about the woman he wants to marry when he grows up, and his best friends currently. I enjoyed it very much, I would have liked to spend the whole day with him as apposed to 20 minutes, so I think I’ll do that next time.


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