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My week of 4/23/18-4/27/18


Monday: Geography

History mystery


NOTES: I doubt I only did three things today, I just didn’t document what I did on Monday, so this is just what I recall doing.


Tuesday: Book club

Clay works at the library

NOTES: I also didn’t document what I did Tuesday, I’m sure i did more than whats shown. Clay works at the library was fun, I made a elephant. It wasn’t half bad, I had fun making it too.


Wednesday: Change up

book club

group game (tag)

book and game inventory

clean up and spawn

NOTES: The book and game inventory was something offered by Nancy. We went through the books and games in the school to be more racially equal. So with the books we went though and  picked out the ones with white main characters and black main characters. Out of the stack we had there were 154ish books with white lead characters, and 15 black.


Thursday: HOME DAY




get nails done

run errands

NOTES: I got to spend the day with my aunt again, we had a good time, enyoyed each others company.


Friday: Spawn

pre- algebra


community lunch

spawn and reflection

NOTES: I was able to work upstairs in the computer room on some pre algebra stuff today. That has never happened, it’s usually really loud in there, so i was very suprised and happy to be able to work in peace.


OFFERING INTERESTS: I’m interested in having some kind of hands on science class, we have mystery science but I want something more advanced. I’d also like to have a yoga class of some sort, we used to have Marry Beth come in to teach one and I really liked it.




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