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My week of 5/7/18-5/11/18

This week a group of us left for Atlanta on Tuesday morning at 6:15. Elisha, Alona, Me, Melissa, Ayan, Caleb , Ethan, Tessa and Evan was who went. We were all interested in visiting another ALC, there is one in Atlanta called Heart Wood. We arrived there at 11 on Tuesday and school ended at 3. We weren’t there long enough to really be able to judge what its like, there also weren’t very many things scheduled in the time we were there. They seem to play a lot of games, and be very in to having fun. One offering I did attend was their book club, they were reading The Hate U Give. Our las book in our book club was that same book, so¬† I decided to attend theirs. Their book club was a little different, they pass around the book so everyone gets a chance to read a little bit, as apposed to having one person read the whole book out loud. I thought it was a good way to do book club, in the way that people can practice¬† their reading out loud skills. They had a kids spawn at Heart Wood too, I checked theirs out. It was also pretty different from how we do it. Our kids spawn is mostly geared around older kids who are able to set intentions and do lots of documentation for when we may need it in the future. But heart Wood’s kid spawn was from what I saw, more to have fun than documentation. Theres nothing wrong with that either, but I personally enjoy documenting and setting intentions. If I ever went back I would want to stay longer, to get more of a feel of how they do things.


In Atlanta we stayed in a BEAUTIFUL Airbnb. It was a renovated tiny white church, that didn’t at all look like a church on the inside. All of us fell in love with the space.


On Wednesday all of us went and visited the MLK museum. We took a tour of the house he grew up in, explored the visitors center museum, visited where he was buried, and went in the church he went to. I felt it was a really awesome experience. it was really cool learning more about him, and seeing what he saw as a kid.

After the MLK museum, we went to eat at a market. It had a ton of food options. Then we got on the road and headed back to Charlotte.



Monday: STW



Skit practice

pre algebra






Thursday: Spawn



pre algebra

mystery science


Friday: Social experiment

Community lunch


NOTES: Elisha and I preformed part of our social experiment for the science fair today. We dressed up in different outfits and saw if we were treated differently based on our physical appearance. We dressed up as goth, casual, ragged clothing (poor looking) and in nice dresses. I will include the final results in a future blog post, but i think it went well.

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