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My week of 5/21/18- 5/25/18


This week a lot of us from school went to Asheville from Tuesday morning, to Wednesday evening. It was about a 2 hour drive, once we got there we visited an alpaca farm. They were sheering the alpacas when we got there, so we were able to watch. It was pretty cool to see, the men who di9d it had to wrestle the alpacas to the ground and tie up their legs and feet, so that the men don’t get hurt. The men would trim their nails , trim their fur and trim down their teeth. Alpacas only have teeth on the bottom of their mouths. So their teeth need to be trimmed down so they don’t cut the top of their mouth or hurt other alpacas. The farm had some other animals to, the owners had two dogs, a bird (not sure which kind), two miniature horses and a donkey. The donkey was my personal favorite, I fed it out of my hand and it let me pet it. The owners of the farm gave us each goodie bags before we left, with a dryer ball made of alpaca fur and soap with alpaca fur around it. I enjoyed seeing the alpacas, and just being there. After the farm we went and walked around a little bit in a little town near there, where we visited a train museum. The man who worked there suggested we visit this famous authors house and baby goats. So you can guess what we did next… we went to see the baby goats. They were very cute, we did not stay there very long but I still enjoyed it. We went to our YMCA cabins to get settled after the goats. We rented 3 cabins, two for the girls, then one big one for the boys. I was in a cabin with Elisha, Alona and Leigh (their mom). We ate Dinner at the boys cabin that night and  breakfast the next morning. The next day we took two tours of The Biltmore Estate, one main one that most people go on and, one behind the scenes tour. I really liked it, our tour guide had a very soothing accent. We ate a quick lunch in the parking lot after the tours and waked around the gardens at The Biltmotre. They were very beautiful and wonderfully maintained, but it was very hot out, with very limited shade in the gardens. Once we were done looking through the gardens we headed back to Charlotte. Overall it was a very pleasant trip, I am glad I went.


As for Monday and Thursday I have blanked on what I did, I guess that is what happens when I keep writing my blog post a week later than I should. We had no school on Friday, due to a four day weekend for Memorial day weekend.


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